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Lessons: How They Work!

There are two types of Play Better Bridge learning tools available for the avid student: 1) Lesson Videos and 2) Lesson Bundles.  Every lesson video comes with a lesson bundle.  The fundamental lesson bundles include handouts, lesson hands and quizzes.  The intermediate, advanced and advanced+ lesson bundles include handouts and lesson hands.

Courses are categorized into four levels for the student of the game:

  • Levels 101 & 102 are designed for the Fundamental student
  • Levels 201 & 202 are designed for the Intermediate student
  • Levels 301 & 302 are designed for the Advanced student
  • Level 401 & 402 are designed for the Advanced+ student

The word student is emphasized because to truly enjoy the full potential of bridge, one must study the many facets of the game's bidding, play and defense.  I recommend that you take the Fundamental and Intermediate level courses in order (101 before 102, etc).  The advanced and advanced+ courses may be taken in any order.  I look forward to joining you on your journey as a student of the game. 

The lessons are divided into the following topic areas:

  • Introduction to Bridge Courses
  • Modern Bidding Courses
  • Bidding with Interference Courses
  • Play Courses
  • Defense Courses
  • Slam Bidding Courses
  • Deductive Reasoning & Counting Courses