Santa Fe Land Cruise August 21-26, 2023 ~ Duplicate Games Will Award Silver Points!

Hand & Suit Counting Quizlets

I often get asked, "how can I start competing (placing) in the open events?"  And my answer is COUNTING! Counting the four shapes of each hand and the four shapes of the suits around the table.  I have two handouts which explain the "Pin" along with "thinking in shapes" concepts.  Take a look at Counting Mental Exercises and Expert Counting Tips and then try the Flashcard and Gravity Quizlet games.

Counting Mental Exercises Handout

Expert Counting Trips

Hand & Suit Pattern Quizlets

How Quizlets Work

  • Flashcards - Make sure under options you choose the answer to be the "definition" and not "term".  You may play the game and compete against others playing the game by clicking on play.  You may also manually study the cards by clicking anywhere on the flashcard to toggle between the definition and term.  Then when you want to move on to the next flash card you use the blue arrows to move back and forth between cards.
  • Gravity Game - This is a speed game to help your mind increase the recall of the pins which is a much needed skill when you are trying to count out the hand and suit shapes while cards are flying around the table.  Definitions and Terms will fall from the top of the screen and you match them up as they scroll down your screen.

Have Fun Assimilating These Hand and Suit Shapes!