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   Private Lessons with Chris & Donna Compton    

Take Your Game to the Next Level!

Virtual Lessons

Virtual Lessons have arrived with Play Better Bridge and they are easy to arrange!  All you need is a group of 4, a deck of cards and Skype.  Simply choose a topic from among the 187 found on PBB, contact us at or to arrange a date and time.  Handouts are included.

Live Lessons

We will discuss your goals and agree on conventions prior to our first game and/or lesson.  We will play with you and following the session, the hands will be analyzed while you take notes!  Play may either be on BBO or at tournaments.  BBO Instruction is best in the partnership bidding room where theoretical discussion dominates as we bid through the hands.  Robots are used as opponents so time is not an issue.  You will have the option of bidding random hands or using the set hands from our over 190 different lessons.  Each lesson comes with handouts, lesson hands and quizzes. 

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