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Testimonials from Students

"Expert Matchpoint Strategies, Parts 1 and 2 offer all Bridge players excellent advice.  Players from Beginners through Experienced will benefit from regular reviews of these suggestions in an attempt to have them firmly embedded in their brain. This practice ranks right up there with regular reviews of your partnership card prior to all games!  Thank you, Donna for these wonderful words of wisdom.  I plan to impart them to my Limited 750 players from now on.   I look forward to sharing your lessons with my Bridge playing group in the fall.  I'm sure they will appreciate them! ~ Christine

I so enjoyed your web lesson today.  I look forward to the rest of the lessons.  I cannot do it on Wednesday, so glad to have the video and handouts for later. ~ Peggy

Donna, they are the best way of learning this game because we hear your thinking about the hands.  Love them.  ~ Jane

Your workshop was fantastic.  I received much value and enjoyed it very much.  I was delighted that you obviously spent a great deal of time working on the presentation ~ and the graphics were superb. ~ Steve

I LOVE the webinar!!! I HATE missing the webinar!!! ~ Marcia

I love being part of Donna's Webinars.  Donna is making me understand why I have been doing certain plays at the table, also teaching and explaining why we should do certain extra aspects of the game.  I encourage you all to participate.  Grateful for Donna giving us her knowledge.  Please join us! ~ Barbara

You are developing a wonderful media for teaching bridge.  It is so nice to learn and not be bothered by the people around talking, etc.  I liked the added poll survey and what the difference was between close bids. ~ Carol

Loved the webinar.  I thought the format worked great, and as always, your lessons are challenging and though-provoking - while still being something I can figure out how to use! ~ Kate

I attended your webinar this morning and found it very useful.  I like that you present the reasoning behind a decision in your presentation.  ~ Val

I really enjoyed the hands and TRIED to carry it over to playing yesterday! ~ Jane

The webinar was excellent! The screen and printout matches so it was easy to listen to your discussion and take notes on my printed copy. ~ Carol

Great "ah-ha" lesson Donna ~ your finesse hand worked so well in my play today ~ I got it :-) Thank you so much ~ Jennifer

I LOVED the webinar last week and am looking forward to joining you tomorrow! Thanks you! ~ Barbara

I have really been enjoying your Wednesday webinars and have learned a lot! ~ Elaine

We are honored that we have mentors like you and Chris to help us improve our bridge game! ~ Mike

I attend the first 2 webinars.  They were fantastic! ~ Happy

Donna, Thanks for doing this.  Your comments are interesting on a number of fronts! ~ Jonathan

I've been enjoying your webcasts and find them very helpful.  Thank you.  ~ Geoff

Great class!  I learned about some bids that I had no idea.  Thank you for such a great class! ~ Kristen

I am exited about what you are doing.  Than you so ever much. ~ Temo

Thanks so much for today's lesson.  It was chock full of wonderful information for me.  I love your teaching style and appreciate so much the opportunity to learn from you in this format. ~ Penny

Thanks for your webinars.  They're terrific, a lot of fun and very instructive. ~ Frank

Really enjoyed the broadcast this morning.  You and everything were very clear.  Looking forward to the next lesson. ~ Pat

Love, love your webinars. ~ Martha

A great way to learn bridge and keep you in the "Classroom" teaching.  Thanks! ~ Beverly

Thank you for all the information you generously share in the PBB classes.  Love them. ~ Malley

My oh my Donna ~ Rule of 7: ah ha moment ~ Love it!!! ~ Jennifer

I have really enjoyed the webcast lessons. ~ Eleanor

I am learning so much from your webinar.  I like what you added new this week especially when you are to give partner count or attitude. ~ Carol

I just wanted to tell Donna how much I am learning and how much I enjoy her webinars.  Thanks for doing them! ~ Gay

I learned a lot this morning. Thanks! ~ Judy

I loved the lesson! ~ J

I thought this morning's session was great. I look forward to future webinars! ~ Will

Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your webinar this morning!  I learned quite a few things and appreciate the opportunity to attend the webinar! ~ Elaine

I really enjoyed your seminar!  You are the BEST teacher! ~ Nancy

Great job on the webinar. ~ Beverly

Thank you for a wonderful 2 hours of bridge of bridge lessons on the web. I loved being a part of it. ~ Barbara

Loved your first webinar! You are still the world's best bridge teacher! ~ Carol

Thanks, I enjoy it. ~ Tim    

I really enjoyed your webinar.   Unfortunately, I will miss the next one or two webinars.  When I return, however, I will be anxious for more. ~ Frank

I am so enjoying learning with you on Webinar. ~ Barbara

I learned a lot in your Webinar and was so happy to have the opportunity. ~ Carol

This was so valuable today.  ~ Deanne

Very informative and helpful. ~ Carol

I love how you resented the hands today ~ So logical with many tweaks that improve knowing the shape and count of my partner's and my hands. ~ Jennifer

Great teaching. ~ Barbara

Really like your lessons. ~ Barb

Great Webinar! ~ Gayle

Thank you for inviting me to participate today.  It was very helpful and easy to follow.  I picked up two or three new bid responses and plan to add them to my partnership immediately.  Thank you again!  ~ Tammy

Thank you, Thank you! Pass, Bid or Double is one of the topics that I have been searching for to upgrade my bridge game.  I just did not know what it was called and i knew I needed this knowledge in order to be more competitive.  I plan on listening to the video again so I can add this to my game. ~ Carol