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DC L1 Declarer's Thought Process ~ Video Bundle


Click here to View a Short Video Clip from Declarer Thinking Process Lesson Video

Join World Champion and Master Teacher Donna Compton in Declarer's Thought Process ~ "Avoid the Fate of the Squirrel" video lesson. Learn what squirrels have to do with Declarer Play! There are lots of rules for Declarer Play, but until you know how to "think" as a Declarer, they are just rules. At the end of the class, you will be taking more tricks in both notrump and suit contracts. You game will have a step-by-step analysis of the dummy play in all types of contracts. A quiz are included with the lesson bundle.


Donna is available to answer questions regarding these materials via email

as you work through the video lesson.

Nine Page Lesson Handout Included.
Download to your computer or watch via the cloud. Stop and go as you please.