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Passive vs Aggressive Defense


Click here to view the Passive vs Aggressive Defense Mini Lesson in PDF format

If you enjoyed the Passive vs Aggressive Mini Lesson, 
take a look at the Counting Declarer's Hand Lesson Bundle.  

Interested in deductive reasoning & counting lesson materials?  Check out the PBB Deductive Reasoning & Counting Series  There are 3 lesson videos and 5 lesson bundles on the following topics:
  1. Bidding Inferences (video & bundle)
  2. Inferences on Play & Defense, Pt 1 (video & bundle)
  3. Inferences on Play & Defense, Pt 2 (bundle only)
  4. Placing the Opponents' Honors (video & bundle)
  5. Intro to Counting (bundle only)
  6. Counting Declarer's Hand (bundle only)
  7. Counting Defenders' Hands (bundle only)
  8. Hand Counting Practice Packet (bundle only)