Intermediate Modern Bidding Video Bundle


Intermediate Modern Bidding Video Bundle

Confident with your Standard American bidding system?  Then it's time to add some popular conventions to your card!  You can play the conventions below without adding 2/1 Game Forcing & Forcing 1NT.  There are 8 videos including handouts. The 8 pack includes the following topics:

  1. 2/1 Game Forcing (Video & Handout)
  2. Forcing 1NT (Video & Handout)
  3. Major Suit Raises including Jacoby 2NT & Jordan 2NT (Video & Handout)
  4. Splinter Bids (Video & Handout)
  5. New Minor Forcing (Video & Handout)
  6. Fourth Suit Forcing (Video & Handout)
  7. Inverted Minors (Video & Handout)
  8. Modern Reverse Drury (Video & Handout)