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6 LIVE Puzzle Time x1 Mix & Match Bundle

$15.00 $12.00

Join World Champion & Master Teacher Donna Compton for Puzzle Time x1. Each Puzzle Time x1 is 20 minutes including Real-Time Play of one lesson hand on Shark Bridge. Donna narrates as the hands tell the story. You can mix and match with the Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday Puzzle Time x1 lessons throughout the month. Individual Lesson Time x1 $2.5. 20% Discount with purchase of Bundle makes each Puzzle Time x1 $2. A $.50 savings which adds up over time! Even if you can't attend every Puzzle Time x1, you can register and watch the video afterwards.

Once you place your order, the Discount Code to register for the individual Puzzle Time x1 will be emailed to you. Then return to and click one the "Live Online Lessons" Tab to register for the individual Puzzle Time x1. When you get to the payment page, enter the Discount Code on the right hand side of the page.